Gothenburg Irrigation & Well Service has experience and expertise in all water well and underground piping system projects, along with 21st Century water-well video and rehabilitation.  We strive to serve our customers honestly, while also giving back to the community and continually educating others on the importance of water and agriculture.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

          -Installation of and service on all brands of livestock, domestic and irrigation wells and pumps.

          -Installation of solar powered livestock systems, cattle waterers, pressure tanks, Hastings stock tanks, and pasture and           irrigation pipelines.

          -Personal consultations in designing pipeline projects (including projects that are part of cost share services from your           local NRCS or NRD offices).

          -FREE*, quality, dual-view, color, down-the-well video.  This video will show you the condition of your well and what             the casing looks like after your pump has been pulled from the well. 

          (*with a commitment to do the pump service work)

          -Sonar-Jet Technology well rehabilitation.

          -A local storefront offering a wide inventory of parts and supplies for all your irrigation and water-well needs                           (including gates, gaskets, surface pipe fittings, IOWA hydrants, oilers, etc.)  If we don't have what you need, we will

          find it for you.Type your paragraph here.